Maintaining your health has never been easier.

The ErgoSportive app allows you to view sleep reports and health metrics in one place. Receive personalized suggestions to improve sleep quality and recovery. Share your sleep report with a coach, trainer, physician or loved one.

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Connect your Garmin to view 24/7 health metrics & receive enhanced recommendations for recovery.

Combining sleep score, fatigue level, and body battery, the ErgoSportive™ system calculates a proprietary Recovery Index and makes suggestions towards recovery.

Use the ErgoSportive widget on your Garmin wearable to view your sleep report to build a better evening sleep routine.

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Understand your daily, weekly & monthly health trends to build better habits.

Sleep Quality

View total, deep and light sleep and awake time. Receive a daily sleep score as an indicator of overall sleep quality.

Heart Rate

Changes in resting heart rate over time may indicate changes in fitness or signal other health conditions.

Respiratory Rate

Often called the “ignored vital sign”, the number of breaths per minute (brpm) is most accurately measured at rest.

Recovery Index

Be ready for your next competition or workout and avoid overtraining with your personalized recovery index.

Body Battery/Stress

Connect your Garmin to view body battery and stress within the app. Better understand how sleep impacts your daily life.

Sleep Movement

Excessive sleep movement can lead to fatigue and other issues. Understand and address root causes to improve sleep quality.


ErgoSportive detects and alleviates snorning. Track occurences in the app to identify trends.

Calories Burned

Understand caloric needs and meet personal goals. Track sleeping calories. Connect your Garmin® for a 24/7 view.

Start and end your day with customizable timers & alarm settings.

Recover in Zero-G® and schedule the bed to return to flat for the remainder of the night. Vibration motors can be set to lull you to a peaceful and restorative sleep or scheduled to wake you for an improved waking experience.

Silent drive motors can be programed to Wake to Zero-G® for a calming start to your morning. Program alarms by time of day and frequency.