ErgoSportive Smart Bed

Sleep better. Recover faster.

ErgoSportive is a complete sleep system comprised of an adjustable smart bed with built in health sensors and an integrated app that provides insight to your health, fitness, and recovery. Designed with your active lifestyle in mind.

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Your partner in rest & recovery

Recovery Index

Be ready for your next competition or workout and avoid overtraining with your personalized recovery index.

Sleep Quality

View total, deep and light sleep and time awake. Receive a daily sleep score as an indicator of overall sleep quality.

Heart Rate

Changes in resting heart rate over time may indicate changes in fitness or signal other health conditions.

Body Battery & Stress

Connect your Garmin to view body battery and stress within the app. Understand how sleep impacts your daily life.

Respiratory Rate

Often called the “ignored vital sign”, the number of breaths per minute (brpm) is most accurately measured at rest.

Sleep Movement

Excessive sleep movement can lead to fatigue and other issues. Understand and address root causes to improve sleep quality.

ErgoSportive Garmin Connectable

The integrated app allows you to view sleep reports and health metrics in one place. Receive personalized suggestions to improve sleep quality and recovery.

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Superior comfort & a restorative sleep experience

ErgoMattress is the ideal complement to your ErgoSportive bed. Specifically designed for adjustable beds and your active lifestyle.

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The faithful ally for a great night's sleep

ErgoPillow is constructed with scientific zoning to maintain the natural curve of the cervical spine and disperse pressure on the head and neck. The comfort you deserve!

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