Sleep better. Recover faster.

ErgoSportive is a complete sleep and recovery system comprised of an adjustable smart bed with built in health sensors and an integrated app that provides insight to your health, fitness, and recovery. Designed with your active lifestyle in mind.

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • 100 Night Trial

  • Free Shipping

  • Easy Assembly

Access your sleep and health metrics 24/7

The integrated ErgoSportive app brings together important health and performance metrics such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep movement for a complete sleep score. Connect your Garmin® wearable to incorporate body battery and stress for a 24/7 view of recovery and performance.

Receive a free Garmin® wearable with your bed

Purchase an ErgoSportive bed and receive a coupon code valued at $200, enough for a free Garmin® wearable or may be applied to a higher valued item at Limited time offer.

Health Sensors

Sensors within the bed monitor sleep stages, health indicators and connect to the ErgoSportive™ app.

Smart System

Integrated app provides smart & personalized recovery advice for improved rest and recovery.

One-Touch Zero G®

Promote circulation, improve air-flow and relax the back with one-touch Zero-G® positioning.

USB 3.0 & USB-C Ports

Charge your devices while you recharge your battery with ports under each side of the bed.


Automatically and gently raises the head of the bed to alleviate the effects of snoring.

Relaxation Mode

Vibration motors stimulate muscle relaxation and recovery. Adjustable for intensity and duration.

Silent Drive Motors

German engineered Okin® Ergomotors for smooth and silent adjustments.

Headboard with LED Light

Dimmable LED lighting offers a personalized lighting environment.

Technology that helps you be at your best

Non-Contact Health Sensors

Health sensors built into the bed frame detect micro-vibrations to measure heart rate, respiratory rate and movement. Using this data ErgoSportive™ provides a comprehensive and personalized sleep report and suggestions to improve sleep and recovery.

Adjustable base with advanced features

Create your personal recovery zone with One-touch Zero-G® to promote circulation, improve breathing and reduce back pressure while the vibration motors massage stress away. Anti-Snore automatically and gently raises the head to alleviate snoring and improve sleep quality while the dimmable LED headboard and USB ports add fashion and convenience.

ErgoSportive™ App

The feature rich ErgoSportive app allows you to view all your sleep reports, data, and real-time health metrics in one place. Share your sleep report with a coach, trainer, physician or loved one. Control your bed with the advanced feature remote and set alarms to wake to a gentle massage or Zero-G®. Connect your Garmin® account for a 24/7 view of recovery and performance.

A complete sleep and recovery system for your active lifestyle

ErgoSportive consists of an adjustable base bed with built in health sensors, fashionable tech headboard with LED dimmable lights, integrated app with sleep report, and an optional mattress and pillow specifically designed for your active lifestyle.